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Ping-pong table in natural concrete

Ping-pong table in natural concrete

This table, which we call a table without frills! Natural, untreated concrete, suitable for nature areas where bright colours are not desired. This table as well is moulded in one piece from high-quality C45/55 concrete and reinforced with double layers of steel (above and below). This makes the table as strong as iron. Even without lacquer on the surface HeBlad ping-pong tables survive any season. Year after year.  


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions tabletop
274 x 152 cm
Dimensions underside tabletop
278 x 156 cm
Tabletop thickness
8,4 cm
Height tabletop
76 cm
Height of the net
14,75 cm
1360 kg
Distance legs
183 cm (center to center


HeBlad Ping Pong Table

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Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Cortland Cassiobury (Building site, next to school Ping-pong table in natural concrete 04-07-2022 Watford
BAM Construction Ltd Ping-pong table in natural concrete 26-06-2017 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Belmont Park Ping-pong table in natural concrete 18-04-2017 London