Parkbench Duo Concrete

Concrete double-seat park bench with back

(Secondary) schools are the ideal location for these benches. When placing multiple benches in a row, children can sit here in "train seats" with their backs to each other. This creates groups of up to 8 people who can be together. The benches have backs and can be placed on the pavement.

Additional possibilities:
  • When placing these duo benches in places that are more prone to vandalism, you can choose to mount an "Anchor Set" (HB.VS) on the underside of the legs and cover it with concrete. If you want to use this anchor set on an existing schoolyard, you need to dig 2 holes in the pavement, install the anchors and cover them with a bucket of concrete.
  • When you want to place these duo benches on a lawn, we advise you to use concrete slabs. On the picture of the product, you can see the " Base of the Picnic Set" (OP.PS). This results in a large concrete pavement in the grass, especially with the placement of several tables in a row. This is not always desirable.
  • This duo bench also fits on a "Set of Concrete Support Blocks" (OV.PP.SET). By using these concrete plates, more grass remains visible, which prevents a park from resembling a concrete pavement. These concrete foundation plates protrude 5 cm all around, in relation to the legs, so that the grass, which is difficult to mow, has no chance to grow directly on the legs.


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)
180 x 106 x 94 cm
Seat height
49,7 cm
Seating corner
103 degrees
350 kg
Material seat
Number of seats
£ 1,950.00 excl. VAT
(£ 2,340.00 incl. VAT)
2nd product and following for £ 1,400.00 each, save 28% !
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