Picnic table DeLuxe

Concrete Picnic table DeLuxe

This picnic table has been ground to a smooth surface in natural concrete. The benches are provided with planks of 4 cm thick bamboo. The planks are blind anchored , thus impossible to dismantle. The picnic table is ideal along hiking- and cycling paths, but also for many other locations.
Due toe the weight (1.100 kg) and the fact that the table cannot be dismantled it does not invite vandals to ruin the table. The bamboo planks provide for a comfortable and warm seat and gives a luxurious effect. 


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)
180 x 187 x 75 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
180 x 90 cm
Height tabletop
74.7 cm
Tabletop thickness
7.2 cm
Seat height
49.7 cm
720 kg
Material seat
Distance legs
111 cm (center to center)
£ 2,450.00 excl. VAT
(£ 2,940.00 incl. VAT)
2nd product and following for £ 1,900.00 each, save 22% !
Free delivery inthe United Kingdom
Delivery time is 0 to 6 working weeks. Average delivery time is 33 business days.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Gemeinschaftsunterkunft für Asylbewerber Picnic table DeLuxe 19-10-2023 Oberammergau
Gemeentewerf Gildebor Picnic table DeLuxe 29-09-2023 Hengelo
Basisschool Vredenburg Picnic table DeLuxe 01-09-2023 Arnhem
Thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH Picnic table DeLuxe 20-07-2023 Dortmund
Gebr. Tijssen BV Transport- En Containerbedrijf Picnic table DeLuxe 15-06-2023 Venray-Merselo
Regierung von Oberbayern Picnic table DeLuxe 01-06-2023 Schongau
VHS - ISK Picnic table DeLuxe 11-05-2023 Drachten
Gemeentewerf Gildebor Picnic table DeLuxe 26-04-2023 Hengelo
Integrierte Gesamtschule Nieder-Olm Picnic table DeLuxe 20-07-2023 Nieder-Olm
Gemeentewerf Picnic table DeLuxe 18-11-2022 Sint-Michielsgestel
Erich Kästner-Schule Picnic table DeLuxe 11-10-2022 Fürstenwalde/Spree
Thyssenkrupp Picnic table DeLuxe 04-10-2022 Dortmund
H.A.B.O. Noordeloos B.V. Picnic table DeLuxe 28-07-2022 Noordeloos
Gemeentewerf Gildebor Picnic table DeLuxe 04-08-2022 Hengelo
ASBL LE CHAF Picnic table DeLuxe 27-10-2022 Courcelles
UROMED Kurt Drews KG Picnic table DeLuxe 28-03-2022 Oststeinbek
De Krom Picnic table DeLuxe 28-01-2022 Eindhoven
Städtischen Gymnasium Hennef Picnic table DeLuxe 03-03-2022 Hennef
Engie Picnic table DeLuxe 23-03-2022 Drogenbos
Gemeentewerken Westerkwartier afdeling Leek Picnic table DeLuxe 25-11-2021 Leek

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