Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P)


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L X W)
149 x 59 cm
Height tabletop
75 cm
Seat height
50 cm
Dimensions tabletop
60 x 60 cm
Tabletop thickness
7,2 cm
400 kg
£ 2,425.00 excl. VAT
(£ 2,934.25 incl. VAT)
Free delivery in the United Kingdom
2nd product and following for £ 1,925.00 each, save 20% !

Concrete Chess Table natural concrete for 2 people

This concrete set consists of a bottom plate with a chess table and two seats.
Like all other tables and benches of HeBlad, this table is moulded entirely in one piece of high-quality concrete. The bottom plate measures 59 x 149 cm. 

In case you want to place the table in a park, the plate can be levelled with the grass so that the upper side of the concrete plate matches the cutting height.

Placing is included in the price. Preliminary work must be finished before delivery.
This concrete Chess Table is made of natural concrete. The “Concrete-look” is an imposing picture. 

The 64 fields (32 white and 32 black) are made of marble and hard granite rock and integrated into the concrete.
The table is weatherproof.

By ordering this chess table you receive 2 sets of chess figures with the delivery, free of charge.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Institut Saint Ferdinand Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 18-08-2020 Jemappes Naar referentie Institut Saint Ferdinand
Landschaftspflege und -gestaltung Burkhard Berg Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 25-06-2020 Lübstorf Naar referentie Landschaftspflege und -gestaltung Burkhard Berg
Centre d'accueil Fedasil Sugny Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 06-07-2020 Sugny Naar referentie Centre d'accueil Fedasil Sugny
Centre Technique Municipal Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 09-09-2020 Lons Naar referentie Centre Technique Municipal
Square Boulingrin Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 09-03-2020 Chaumont Naar referentie Square Boulingrin
Harmoniepark Naast BSO Monepole Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 21-01-2020 Tilburg Naar referentie Harmoniepark Naast BSO Monepole
Ville d'Andenne Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 22-11-2019 Andenne Naar referentie Ville d'Andenne
Services Techniques Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 11-12-2019 Forbach Naar referentie Services Techniques
Ville de Neuilly Plaisance Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 11-09-2019 Neuilly sur Plaisance Naar referentie Ville de Neuilly Plaisance
Camping la Pinède Calvi Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 13-03-2019 Calvi Naar referentie Camping la Pinède Calvi
College Marcelle Parde Dijon Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 12-12-2018 Dijon Naar referentie College Marcelle Parde Dijon
Gemeentwerf Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 17-07-2020 Alphen aan den Rijn
Direction Générale des Services Techniques Chess Table Natural Concrete (2P) 10-12-2019 Mandelieu-la-Napoule

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