Chess Bench, Natural Concrete


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)
167 x 67 x 70 cm
Seat height
50 cm
Height tabletop
70 cm
1140 kg
Number of seats
£ 1,850.00 excl. VAT
(£ 2,238.50 incl. VAT)
Free delivery in the United Kingdom
2nd product and following for £ 1,350.00 each, save 27% !

Chess Bench, Natural Concrete

Again a stunning product in our line of game tables and benches. For school yards and public areas an ideal seating to play a game of chess. Think also of city centres, this bench is by its weight ideal as protection against ram raid. 

* When ordering one Chess Bench you will receive 2 sets of chess pieces free of charge.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Ecole Elémentaire Chess Bench, Natural Concrete 10-03-2020 Marcilly-en-Villette Naar referentie Ecole Elémentaire
Ambelt herfte Chess Bench, Natural Concrete 30-01-2020 Zwolle Naar referentie Ambelt herfte
Ville d'Andenne Chess Bench, Natural Concrete 22-11-2019 Andenne Naar referentie Ville d'Andenne
Grundschule Friedrichsfelde Chess Bench, Natural Concrete 23-10-2019 Lichtenberg Naar referentie Grundschule Friedrichsfelde
BS Erasmus Chess Bench, Natural Concrete 20-02-2019 Deinze Naar referentie BS Erasmus

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