Picnic table DeLuxe Natural Concrete Wheelchair accessible


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)
210 x 187 x 78 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
210 x 90 cm
Height tabletop
77.7 cm
Tabletop thickness
7,2 cm
Seat height
52.7 cm
825 kg
Material seat
Distance legs
111 cm (center to center)
£ 2,150.00 excl. VAT
(£ 2,601.50 incl. VAT)
Free delivery in the United Kingdom
2nd product and following for £ 1,650.00 each, save 23% !

Picnic table DeLuxe Wheelchair–accessible

Special picnic table for a wheelchair user. Because user of wheelchairs can never pull up to a picnic table, we have designed this table . The wheelchair user can easily get close to the rest of the group of people around the table.
At one side the tabletop is extended by 60 cm. Also the whole undercarriage is slightly higher to create free space for the legs of 60 cm depth  and 71 cm height. Because the table is slightly higher, people with leg problems can easily sit at the table.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
The Promenade Picnic table DeLuxe Natural Concrete Wheelchair accessible 10-03-2016 Withernsea Naar referentie The Promenade

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