Concrete benches

Just like our Picnic tables you have the choice of 3 different designs for all models.
The natural concrete benches, the anthracite-concrete benches and the painted benches in the colour of anthracite, RAL 7016.
The natural concrete benches, as well as, the anthracite-concrete show a “Concrete-Look”, this means that the colouring is somewhat mixed,
The lacquered benches are smooth sprayed with satin lacquer.
The park benches are not available in the lacquered version.

All benches of the DeLuxe models are provided with bamboo seatings. This material is comparable to the durability class 1 for wood.
The benches of the standard models are fitted with concrete seatings.
The models without a bottom plate are easily placed on a schoolyard or on another solid base. If you wish to place one of these benches on a lawn, then it is possible to order a separate bottom plate.
Only recently we produce a variety of standing or seating tribunes/galleries. These are modular systems and the possibilities must be evaluated in order to find out what is necessary for a certain project.