Checkers Tile Natural Concrete

Checkers Tile Natural Concrete

If there is insufficient room in a town-square for a Checkers Bench or Checkers Table, it is possible to place a Checkers Tile in an existing square. Children do not mind playing a game on the ground. They will play checkers happily, and when they stop playing, the Checkers Game doesn’t  get in the way, not taking up any space. These tiles are also available as Chess Tiles or in Ludo format. Here again one has a choice between Anthracite-Concrete or Natural Concrete.

* When ordering these tiles you will receive 2 sets of checkers free of charge.


Product code
Natural concrete
Dimensions (L x W x H)
59.5 x 59.5 x 5 cm
60 kg
£ 1,575.00 excl. VAT
(£ 1,890.00 incl. VAT)
2nd product and following for £ 1,025.00 each, save 34% !
Free delivery in the United Kingdom
Delivery time is 0 to 6 working weeks. Average delivery time is 17 business days.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
De Twee Heren Checkers Tile Natural Concrete 09-07-2019 Grootebroek Naar referentie De Twee Heren

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